Schools Give Science A Boost


A revision to the Payson Unified School District's science curriculum will go into effect in the 2000-2001 school year.

The new K-8 curriculum, which includes spring pilot testing, was adopted by the PUSD Board of Education Monday night.

Bill Lawson, director of curriculum and vocational programs for the district, told the board that the curriculum matches up with Stanford 9 and National Standards tests.

"You don't do science without doing writing, without doing math," he said. "We don't want it to be outside our basics -- we want it to be a part of our basics."

Lawson said the idea behind the new curriculum is to start with simple concepts and graduate to more complex concepts.

The 26-page curriculum plan includes studying the history and nature of science, how it's used in inquiry and applied to help mankind. It also looks at distinguishing living things and their needs and functions. Other aspects of science -- physical, and earth and space will be explored in grades K-8.

"What you have there is a proposed document," Lawson said. "Those are our best guesses at this point -- that's part of the introduction process and those would change."

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