The Greatest Gift Is Putting Family First


Putting families first is often spoken about, but more often waved overhead like a flag to which few pledge their true allegiance. Too many families are left standing in line behind careers, ambitions and recreational pursuits.

On Monday, Danny Ainge, head coach of the Phoenix Suns, stepped out of a multimillion-dollar guaranteed contract for the sake of his family. Ainge, a husband and father of six children, gave up a job he loves for a family he loves more.

This is an honorable decision in a day when fame and fortune lure many to follow, leaving a trail of broken homes in their path.

There are people who will say that this was not a hard decision for Ainge because he has the financial wherewithal to quit such a lucrative job. However, if making this choice is easy, why is it so few prominent celebrities and sports stars set their jobs aside for family? More often, their choices lead to headlines of divorce, custody battles and infidelity.

For the common man or woman, the call to put family first can be accomplished without quitting a job or first obtaining wealth. It can be done every day with little decisions, such as putting a project on hold, missing a televised football game, getting home on time or turning off the computer.

By doing this, we can give our greatest love and respect to those who need it most -- our wives, husbands, children and grandchildren.

A child may not remember everything you taught him from lectures or textbooks, and you may not always find your spouse that perfect present, but they will remember that you thought they were worth more than anything the world could offer. This is the greatest give we can give at Christmastime or in a lifetime.

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