Gun-Control Editorial Only Tells Half The Story


Where is the rest of the story to your Dec. 3 editorial about gun laws making a difference? You cited the Associated Press as saying that "More than 160,000 people, nearly three-quarters of them convicted felons, were barred from buying a gun during the first year of computerized instant criminal background checks."

It is a felony -- a year or more in jail -- for a convicted felon to attempt to buy a gun.

How many of the denials were arrested, tried, convicted, jailed?

Alas, less than 25 arrested, and almost none jailed.

Some difference! Why do you suppose 120,000 street-smart convicted felons would risk a year or more in jail to try to buy a gun though legal channels with a paper trail leading to them? Because there is only about one chance in 5,000 they'll be arrested, and almost zero likelihood of doing any hard time. I sleep better knowing this wonderful federal system really does something to those 120,000 felons who committed yet another felony and in effect left their business card at the scene. It shows their contempt for the law we pay taxes to enforce.

Other than that, love your paper. It gives a good picture of life in and around Payson

Al Lauderbaugh ,Reedsport, Ore.

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