Officers To Target Drunk Drivers


Drinking too much eggnog at your holiday office party could land you in jail.

Local law enforcement agencies will be out in force the next few weeks trying to pull as many drunk drivers off the road as they can.

"We want to get the message to everyone to be particularly careful with their holiday drinking," said Payson Police Chief Gordon Gartner.

Payson Police officers will join forces with other law enforcement officers from around the county tonight (Friday) for the Rim country's DUI patrol.

Last week, they traveled to the Globe-Miami area, where 53 drivers were stopped during the detail. Three people were arrested on charges of drinking and driving and three other people were arrested on other charges during that patrol.

The responsibility for a safe holiday season not only falls on the party goer, Chief Gartner said, but also on the party host.

"If you are the host of a party, host responsibly," he said. "Don't allow your guests to become totally intoxicated and then let them get behind the wheel."

If guests do imbibe too much, the police department may be able to help them get home safely, Gartner said.

"If we have the personnel available, we'll be happy to give them a ride home," he said.

To arrange for a ride from the Payson Police Department, call 474-5177.

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