Homes, Lives Hang In Balance Of Greenbelt Decisions


Regarding the greenbelt hazard comments made by Payson North Unit IV Homeowners Association President (Keith) Blankenbuehler and Mr. (Roger) Trasher (in the Dec. 10 issue of the Roundup in an article about the fire hazard the subdivision's overgrown greenbelt has created).

Unit III had far less money in its account (than Unit IV, yet it, under the leadership of (homeowners association) President Bruce Wilson got federal funds to help its (greenbelt clean-up) program.

We need leadership in our Unit that looks into what has to be done, what needs to be done, and what can be done, not (the sort) that looks back into the past, and says its hands are tied. There are ways and means to solve problems. If our leaders cannot work for us in this respect, they should step down and allow others to step up who are willing to do the job.

The job is not as difficult as some would have it seem. We do have a deed of restrictions that covers the problems as they arise.

A homeowners membership meeting should be called for sometime in January 2000. Assistant Payson Fire Chief Don Rose and Scott Hunt should be invited, as should the president of Unit III, Bruce Wilson. Bruce would be of great help to us. He has been there, done that.

Our future safety and lives depend on the decisions we make now.

If members of Unit IV have already turned in their votes for the revised deed of restrictions and have second thoughts on some of the articles, they can, if they wish, still revoke their vote up to March 2000. After that date, we will have to abide by the revisions for another 10 years.

Lester and Margaret Burton, Payson

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