True Meaning Of Christmas Is Getting Lost


I'm confused about whose birthday we are about to celebrate.

Each year it seems to get a little more confusing.

I believe it was Jesus that the angels welcomed here on this earth around 2000 years ago, and you would think that since it's his birthday, he would be invited to the party.

But it would seem that people have decided differently.

We use his birthday every year to get a little richer. We use old St. Nick as the one little children look up to and write letters to. We let Santa into our schools and classrooms, but Jesus isn't allowed in because he might offend someone. We even allow Santa into some of our churches.

Something doesn't seem fair here people.

Don't you think we should let our children understand the true meaning of Christmas this year.

Rediscover along with your children the true joy of Christmas. After all, Christmas is about love, joy and peace.

Lola Maxim, Payson

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