Photos Of Young Hunters And Their Kills Disgusting


Having just read your paper this evening, we are again disgusted upon seeing the photo of a young person with a rifle and their kill featured in your sports section.

It is disturbing, to say the least, to hear about our youth and the problems our schools and our society have pertaining to guns and killing. Do we have to see it in our newspaper, proudly displaying the poor dead animal?

I know that killing a deer or an elk can't be compared with a human life, and I'm not in favor of gun control, but why do parents encourage their children to take a life?

Isn't there something more positive that our youth of today could be taught? Shouldn't they, and we, be encouraged to respect other species and their right to live?

I know that there are many people who do not agree with us, most likely the ones who teach their children to hunt. They will call it a sport. How can hunting animals that do no harm to humans and cannot protect themselves be called a sport?

Yes, we know they will say it's to keep the population of wildlife down, but isn't that what God created predators for?

We have talked with many others here and they feel as we do. Please, no more photos of dead animals and their young killers.

Thank you,

Carmen and Nancy DeCicco, Payson

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