The past points the way to the future


by Myndi Brogdon
Happy New Year.
First order of business this week is to correctly name Michael Roggenstein as the Emergency Medical Services person of the year for the Pine-Strawberry Fire Department. Harris Scott is still however, the recipient of the longevity award. Congratulations Roggy. Sorry you were missed.

As the 20th century dawned, Pine and Strawberry were just getting started.

The Strawberry Schoolhouse was a simple, one-room school educating the handful of children who lived under the western edge of the Rim.

Pine was a newly formed town and a hub of activity.

As the years wore on, the town evolved slowly.

The community outgrew the Strawberry Schoolhouse, and the Mormon Church in the center of town became the school. Today it serves as a community center.

Just over a decade ago, a new school was built to serve the 260 children who are growing up in Pine and Strawberry.

What would those pioneers have wished for us? What would the school children who sat in that drafty log schoolhouse have wanted for the future? What were their thoughts and dreams?

Take a moment as the century ticks to a close, and try the following exercise:

Take out a clean sheet of paper, decorative if you like, and a new pen or pencil. Write down the best things in your life -- as many as you can think of.

Next, write down your personal goals and aspirations. You might need another sheet of paper.

Then write down your goals and wishes for the world at large. Is it harmony, peace, or the end of poverty?

We tried this at home. It was fun and enlightening.

My 4-year-old daughter, Laynie, says, "The best things in my life are make-up, airbeds, water balloons and wolves.

"My goal is to wear dresses more.

"My goal for the world is I hope that Jesus will send all of us good food and drinks."

My 10-year-old daughter Kelsey says, "The best things in my life are; animals, my sister, mom and both dads, flowers, and friends.

"My personal goals are I want to own a large farm.

"My goals for the world are to stop pollution and save the animals."

But we're not done yet.

Put your lists in an envelope and date it for when you want it opened again. Next year,10 years, 50 or 100. Then put it with your important papers. These are the best things in our lives and our hopes for the future. They are the most significant items we can leave for the next millennium celebration.

Have a magical millennium!

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