Let Localities, Not State, Solve Problems


About six weeks ago I wrote concerning the fact that all too frequently when Maricopa County had a problem they turned to the State Legislature for a solution. Thus, however, Maricopa County's problem was solved and so were Apache and Gila counties' problems solved, whether they had one or not.

We have another classic example right now.

Apparently Maricopa County has a problem with what they call "slum landlords." Maybe Maricopa county has a problem, and maybe they don't. Frankly I don't care. If they have a problem they should solve it themselves. I don't think that Young or Heber or Snowflake or St. John's has such a problem that they can't handle themselves.

However, when we get a new state regulation, we generally get someone to enforce it -- this being mandated by the state. It doesn't really make any difference to the taxpayer whether the mandated function is paid for locally or by the state. The taxpayer is the source of all the funds.

To the degree that our legislators can, they should try to keep new laws making at the state level to a bare minimum. Let the individual communities solve their own problems. If they have such a problem.

Dan Adams

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