Truck Driver Survives Highway 260 Rollover


Christopher/Kohl's Fire Chief Ray Larsen has some advice for drivers traveling a two-mile stretch of road between milepost 267 and 269:

"Don't underestimate these curves -- wake up and slow down," Larsen says.

He said he has seen three rollovers in the area of Kohl's Ranch in 35 days, the latest on Thursday afternoon, when a CTI truck driver from Marana lost control of his vehicle.

"This most recent one may have been due to excessive speed. Right there, it's one curve at the bottom of a downhill grade," Larsen said.

"He lost control going into the curve and crossed the other lane of traffic."

The CTI truck then took out 200 feet of guard rail and about 40 posts before going down an embankment into a ravine.

The driver had gotten out of the overturned vehicle and was up and walking around when emergency crews arrived. He received only minor injuries, Larsen said.

"He's darn lucky. The top of the cab was crushed -- I don't know how he got out," he said.

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