Editorial Too Quick To Condemn Humane Society Board


I am responding to your Tuesday, Feb. 2 editorial , which is a good example of an incomplete, biased viewpoint of a situation about which you admittedly don't know the whole story .

Maybe you will have to revise your viewpoint, when and if the truth ever comes out. It is just possible that the Payson Humane Society's board members are trying to make the best of a bad situation that has developed. Did it ever occur to you that they are handling this constructively rather than destructively, and not "falling victim to commercialization," as Ron Hamric's letter to the editor put it?

Your editorial will probably do more harm to the Payson Humane Society by causing people in our town to be judgmental, than those caring, hard-working board members ever would. They love those animals, and are ultimately responsible to this town regarding how the animals are cared for and how the place is run.

There must be some real serious problems the board members are coping with, as they are all down there working very hard to clean up the place, exposing themselves to possibility of Hanta virus, hauling out contaminated dog food that is several years old and mice-infested. How did that situation come about?, I am asking myself.

Another question I am asking myself is how did this become a "family business" in the first place? It smacks of nepotism, to me. It may be a non-profit business, but nevertheless, it is a Town of Payson business. Most businesses won t hire other family members to work closely together. It just isn't good policy, as we all know.

Let's not be too hasty to criticize this board's efforts until you know both sides of the story. I think they must have a good reason for what they did and are doing. "Wait and see" is my attitude, and if you want to do something constructive, offer your help, and not criticism that will bias the townspeople and destroy their confidence in the Payson Humane Society's board members.

I hope the people of Payson will reserve their judgment until all facts are in, and support this board's efforts by offering to help . That would do a lot more good than being angry about a situation which they don't know the truth about, anyway.

Personally, I prefer to hear both sides of a story and make up my own mind. Most of us are intelligent enough to do that!

Eleanor Covert

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