Members To Meet On Issue Of Animal Shelter Directors


Dr. Mark Meyers has been waiting for an amicable resolution to the turmoil surrounding the Payson Humane Society's animal shelter.

Now, he said, he's tired of waiting, and has called for an emergency meeting of the Humane Society membership, scheduled for Feb. 19.

Two weeks ago, Dave and Cindy Bradford turned in their resignations from the shelter, citing irreconcilable differences with the society's board of directors.

Since then, board members and volunteers have been running the animal shelter, trying to carry on where the Bradfords left off.

Sitting in his Payson dermatology office with a recently adopted kitten from the shelter, Meyers said he's consulted an attorney, and found out that it's the membership of the Humane Society --the Pet Pals --that actually controls the board of directors.

An avid animal lover, Meyers said he's adopted several pets over the years, and considered the Bradfords very competent managers of the shelter. He said he's hoping for a quick resolution of the current crisis -- one that would return the Bradfords to the shelter.

"It's the members that put people on the board, and it's the members that can ask for their resignations," Meyers said. "We need to get these members out and elect our own members to the board."

Board member Jim Phinney said, in the meantime, the shelter has been running smoothly.

"The volunteers and myself are finally getting that place in the shape it should have been," Phinney said.

He said he's spent the past two weeks dumping roughly two tons of donated dog food --food he says was infested with mice.

"They had the food stacked everywhere," he said. "We've been killing mice right and left."

Phinney said the disposal of the infested food should not discourage the public from making donations to the shelter.

"In the future, if we have excess food, we will contact food banks and the zoo," he said. "Any excess we don't need will be passed on to them."

As for the meeting of the membership, Phinney said the board has not yet heard about it, but welcomes anyone to inspect the shelter and see for themselves how it's being run.

The membership meeting is scheduled for 5:15 p.m. Feb. 18 at the Payson Womans Club, 510 W. Main St. The meeting is for Pet Pals, and anyone concerned about animals.

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