A Worthy Character And A Generous Deed


Sometimes good character is rewarded in mysterious, almost unbelievable ways.

That's what happened Thursday at the Payson Roundup office.

About mid-afternoon, a gray-haired woman came into our lobby and struck up a conversation with one of the several single moms who work here.

The woman, surprisingly, was looking for someone to give money to. She had won a big jackpot at the Mazatzal Casino and wanted to hand some of her winnings to someone in need.

The Roundup wasn't her first stop. She had been to the Elks Lodge and other places.

Our young mom suggested a few organizations that the woman could donate to. But the woman said she wanted her money to go directly to a worthy person who could put it to good use.

That person was standing in front of her.

Like many single moms, this Roundup employee has been struggling to get by in a town where living costs are high and wages aren't. But she's far from being a complainer. In fact, her sunny disposition and conscientious dedication to her work are a delight.

In fact, that morning her supervisor saw she was still suffering the effects of a bout with the flu, and suggested she go home. But being as dedicated as she is, she decided to stay and help out our otherwise flu-decimated staff.

While explaining some local social service programs to the woman, the employee's own struggles -- which she does not see as such -- eventually came out. The woman asked her a few questions, took out her check book and wrote the young lady a check for $1,000.

We want this generous woman to know she made a good choice -- in both who she has helped, and in deciding to share her fortune.

Good character and conscientiousness and a positive outlook are not always rewarded in this life, especially with cash. We can't count on such a clear payoff and that's not why we should act with honesty and integrity.

But sometimes they are, and when that happens, it's a wonderful thing. My thanks to both of these good ladies.

-- Brian Beck, editor

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