Dog Owners Need To Treat Park With Respect


Aren't we lucky to have such a beautiful park to walk in as the Green Valley Park?

My husband and I walk our two small dogs there everyday! We take along two plastic grocery bags and an old trowel or a throw-away vegetable soup spoon. We use these for "pick-up" after our pets.

All of us owe a debt of thanks to our town council and managers, engineers, etc., who created this area.

A lot of us forget this small courtesy of "pick-up" after the ones we love so much. Everyone who sees a walker with his or her "clean-up" package views them with sincere kindliness and appreciation.

The things we love most in our time are often fleeting. We consider Payson's Green Valley Park one of our favorite places.

Let's do right by it.
Mr. & Mrs. Herbert A. Gregg

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