Former Firefighters Doing Mesa Del No Good


I have read and reread the letter published Friday, Feb. 12 regarding "Emergency Services Suffering in Mesa del" and I have some questions for the signers.

1. Why do you not recognize the voting majority's wishes?

2. Were you asked to resign or leave your positions by the new board? I can't believe that was the intention of the board.

3. How do you construe that the new board is responsible for the alleged reduced services?

If our insurance rates increase, and an emergency becomes a tragedy, I would feel inclined to blame the experienced firefighters who rejected the voters' wishes and walked off the job, leaving us without protection.

I realize this is a volunteer operation. However, anyone who has served the community in such a capacity surely would not in good conscience leave his friends and neighbors in such an invidious position.

In conclusion, I would like to take exception to the last paragraph urging taxpayers to attend board meetings to further the agendas of the disenchanted members of the previous board and our turncoat firefighters. They are exhorting the taxpayers to go over the heads of the duly elected board to achieve their goals which, may I remind you, were rejected by the voters.

I am a long-time property owner in Mesa del and am now feeling very much betrayed by these people who are too petty to admit defeat and their own callous disregard for the safety and well-being of this community.

This whole bruhaha reminds me of the child who, because he's not getting his own way, upsets the game board in a fit of temper.

Irene L. Schwartzbauer
Mesa del Caballo

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