Firefighters' Quick Action Put Resident's Worries To Rest


For weeks, maybe even months, I have been pondering my motivation for living in Mesa del Caballo and devoting hours in service to this community. I was really questioning my motivation after the negative articles appeared in last week's Roundup.

Then, on Sunday, Feb. 14, during a special meeting called by the new Mesa del Caballo Fire District Board of Directors, I got my answer.

After Chairman Bill Dawes turned the meeting over for "Call to the Public," several questions were addressed to the board regarding the department's goals, qualifications, etc. Then Stephen Gehring (known to most of us as Steve, owner and operator of the Houston Mesa General Store) took the floor. Dressed in clothing that he said were not his, he proceeded to thank our fire department for being there when he needed them.

Yes, in the wee hours of the previous Saturday morning, Steve summoned our fire department to his home for what was later called a "library fire." Without hesitation, our firefighters responded.

First on the scene, they did not say, "Gosh, the paper said last week that we aren't qualified to do this." They did what they needed, wanted and were committed to do.

The living quarters were destroyed, but because of quick action on the part of our newly [restructured] fire department, the store was saved. There were no more questions about fire department qualifications or the fire board's goals. Everyone's concerns were laid to rest.

Steve, humbled by the experience, was truly grateful to the people who came to his rescue. In his words, "I did not know so many people cared about me."

I had my answer. This is why I am proud to call Mesa del Caballo home. This is why I wear my community T-shirt proudly and why I buy a new one every year.

Irene Blose
Mesa del Caballo

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