Paper's Sex-Crime Policy At Heart Of Fair Reporting


I would like to congratulate you on your journalistic standards regarding the release of an accused child molester's name into the public arena. Far too often today, we see individuals accused of a despicable crime, such as mentioned in your article, only later to be exonerated. But by simply being accused, they can be convicted in the court of public opinion and their name and reputation [can be] forever tarnished.

If the individual in this case is in fact guilty of the crimes for which he stands accused, then the wrath of public scorn and ridicule are something he justly deserves. Until conviction, however, he has the right, as do all of us, to be presumed innocent of the charges.

Let the system do its part, then we will have sound evidence on which to form our individual opinions relative to the case. Once again, thank you for your fairness of reporting , and I hope you will continue it on into the future.

Ron Hamric

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