Pusd Wrong In Not Allowing Home-Schoolers To Participate In Sports


Three members of the Payson School Board have again voted against allowing home-taught students from participating in public school extracurricular activities such as sports.

This is a sorry situation that should be explained with facts by the three board members.

Sorry because the parents of these kids are paying the same school taxes as other parents, but they are receiving absolutely nothing in return.

Sorry because the kids do not realize that giving up extracurricular activities and student associations is a small price to pay for a quality education.

Sorry because three school board members believe children should be punished for the beliefs of their parents.

It is my understanding that fewer than five home-schooled students have any desire to participate in extracurricular activities and the parents would be willing to pay any costs incurred that would otherwise turn our poverty-stricken district into bankruptcy.

We have a school district with about 3,000 enrolled, yet three members of the school board would have us believe that three or four additional students participating in extracurricular activities would upset the system. Since more than 20 school districts in Arizona disagree with our school board, I suggest dissenting members should explain their logic.

I would like to apologize to all home-schooled children and assure them that seldom again will they be discriminated against because of their parent's actions.

Ed Taves

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