Sounf Off


Question: I read in a recent article that the Payson Unified School District is asking the state for new construction funds but not funds for repairs. Why not? Some of the schools in the district need repairs.

Answer: The repair funds addressed in the article, which appeared in the Jan. 1 issue of the Roundup, are for schools in which the building conditions create extreme health and safety risks, said Bobette Sylvester, business manager for Payson schools.

Schools with roofs caving in, no hot water for their cafeterias, no fire alarms and other serious building problems may qualify for the state's Emergency Deficiency Correction Funds, she said. Payson doesn't have those types of problems and doesn't qualify for that type of funding.

The school board has, however, set aside $70,000 from the district's maintenance and operations budget for school repairs. School principals will receive a repair-request form Jan. 15 to request funding for school repairs. The school board will evaluate the requests and authorize funding for those schools with the most pressing needs, Sylvester said.

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