Kyl Inconsistent About Religious Freedom


U.S. Senator Jon Kyl recently published a guest column in the Payson Roundup saying that "in many countries people are ... arrested by the authorities ... because of their faith" and that "religious persecution" was "documented in 77 countries last year." Kyl declared that the U.S. Senate recently passed a bill to stop such persecution.

Why does Sen. Kyl claim to protect religious freedom in foreign countries while showing no respect for religious freedom in Arizona for the Apache and their sacred Dzil Nchaa Si An (Mt. Graham)? Kyl said and did nothing when an Apache was recently arrested by University of Arizona police for praying at the U of A telescopes on top of Mt. Graham.

Kyl advocates religious freedom so long as it doesn't interfere with those University of Arizona astronomers who spent over $10 million in lobbying and in the courts in efforts to exempt their Mt. Graham telescopes from our nation's religious freedom laws.

Sen. Kyl's pretended enthusiasm for religious freedom rings hollow. He has ignored protection of the religious beliefs of Native Americans in his own state.

Lian Bighorse
Apaches For Cultural Preservation
San Carlos

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