Childs-Irving Power Plants Are Still Valuable


We have been urged by one Andi Brown to write the President of A.P.S., requesting that he take the Childs-Irving power plants out of service and mothball them to appease the visual desires of the people who hike to Fossil Creek.

Mr. (or Mrs.) Brown obviously has a poor background in economics, to say nothing of environmentalism. Regardless of how small a percent of A.P.S. power comes from Childs-Irving, it is a substantial amount of power. I would bet serious money that it is the most economical power in the A.P.S. grid.

Any replacement will cause more ecological disruption than Childs-Irving, whether it be natural gas, oil, nuclear or coal generation.

I don't know how many households are served by Childs-Irving, but I will wager there are more than 100 customers for every person who hikes to Fossil Creek. I have hiked there several times and never met anyone else en route.

All the time, 24 hours per day, several thousand people, every day, are getting their electricity from Childs-Irving.

Therefore, I am urging A.P.S. to keep Childs-Irving operation.

Dan Adams

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