Warm Winter, Good Quail Hunting


These warm winter days may mean quail aren't normally in gigantic coveys in the lower elevations, but the conditions are great for those hunters taking advantage of the sunny weather, advised Arizona Game and Fish Department officials.

"There's only a few weeks of quail hunting remaining this season. Lots of hunters have been having good success in the lower and mid-elevation foothills. This is a perfect time of year to get out, enjoy the mild weather, and flush some coveys," said public information office Rory Aikens.

Quail season ends Feb. 8. The bag limit is 15 Gambel's quail per day.

"With the bass and crappie fishing picking up at Alamo Lake, this a perfect place for a weekend cast-and-blast expedition," Aikens advised.

Quail hunters have had good success in the Bartlett Lake area, the foothills above Lake Pleasant (not in the park itself), and the Congress area. The Roosevelt Lake area also offers plenty of quail hunting opportunities, along with crappie and smallmouth bass fishing.

"This is a perfect time to get young anglers and hunters out. A youth combination hunting and fishing license is only $18, which is the cost of an adult hunting license. Don't let this great weather go to waste by spending the weekends in the city," Aikens suggested.

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