Taking Trash Out To County Dump Costs More Now


Folks dumping their trash at the Buckhead Mesa Landfill north of Payson will have to fork over a little more cash at the gate.

As of July 1, the fees for dumping at Gila County landfills rose $2 per ton, said County Engineer John Trujillo.

"The rates are now $30 per ton for residential household trash and commercial garbage," Trujillo said, "and $36 for all other waste."

The increase, Trujillo said, was unavoidable.

Preparations to close and monitor the landfills are costing the county $570,000 a year, he said. The county pays the money to the federal government, which will keep it in reserve to offset the eventual cost of closing and monitoring the landfills.

Sharon Radanovich, from the county's solid waste division, said Thursday -- the day the increase went into affect -- that neither Buckhead Mesa north of Payson nor Globe's Russell Gulch landfill reported any complaints about the new fees.

"That's probably because we had prepared people for some time about the increase," Radanovich said. "Signs have been posted for about six weeks. Individual letters have been mailed out to each of our charge customers. Handouts were prepared and passed around.

"It's also in our policies that we can raise our rates July 1," she said.

Representatives for the two primary garbage haulers in the Rim country said they'll be forced to pass on the rate increase to their customers.

"We don't know yet what the increase will be," said Roadrunner owner Vicki Ely, "but we'll have to raise our rates. The county has told us to expect an increase every July."

Customers of Waste Management will be seeing an increase in their monthly bills, too.

"We're looking at raising our commercial customers up about 8 percent," general manager Melodi Deaton said.

Radanovich said the county doesn't plan to raise rates every year.

"We have a ceiling that we can reach (on rates)," she said. "I believe we'll reach that ceiling by the year 2002."

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