Alliance Promotes Healthy Communities


It is always wonderful for any Rim country organization to have the Roundup write articles about its hard work and achievements. It serves as an easy way for readers to understand the facts.

In the June 29 article, which explained the establishment of the MHAX-III cardio-pulmonary exercise program, there were some points that need further explanation or correction.

Mogollon Health Alliance (MHA) is much, much more than simply the hospital's landlord. MHA promotes healthy communities by supporting activities and services that result in the highest quality of life possible for all community members.

Besides being the sole organization in the establishment and operation of MHAX-III, MHA has worked diligently in creating the Women's Wellness Forum. MHA has purchased GED educational software for the Rim Country Literacy Program, funded multiple health education scholarships for both youth and adults, and continually supports many Rim-area social and service agencies.

Through a positive arrangement with PRMC and Mogollon Health Alliance, MHA was able to secure Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday for the MHAX-III program. MHA has purchased many new pieces of equipment, which will be used by MHAX-III participants and shared with those in Phase I and II.

We do feel blessed to have Diane Riddle actively involved with all MHAX-III participants. She brings a high level of professionalism and continuity to the program. She is a respiratory therapist, though, and not a registered nurse.

We, too, salute Harold Wilson. He has been a dedicated supporter of cardiac exercise and has written many letters in support of re-establishing a cardio-pulmonary exercise program for the betterment of all Rim country residents. In the future, MHA looks forward to having Harold join the MHAX-III program when he graduates from Phase II. His determination and love of exercise should definitely be an example for anyone who might want to become involved in any level of cardiac exercise.

More MHAX-III participants are wanted. We ask that they call 472-2588.

Robert Ware
Executive Director
Mogollon Health Alliance

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