Pikes Spear Swordfish In June 26 Opener


Because of the Independence Day holiday, the Payson Pikes did not have a meet last Saturday but will return to action July 10 at the Kingman Invitational.

The team opened the season June 26 at Taylor Pool against the Sedona Swordfish. No official team results are kept but the Pikes captured 25 first places and the Swordfish 23.

Individual meet results follow:
• 6 & under girls: 12.5 yards
Emily Judd: 1st, butterfly and breaststroke; Jordan Hunt-Katelinikoff: 2nd, butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle; Taylor Tuer: 3rd, butterfly; Sarah Cluff: 4th, freestyle.

  • 6 & under boys: 12.5 yards
    Sean Ford: 1st, butterfly, 2nd, in backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle; Andrew Staszak: 2nd, butterfly; Ezra White: 2nd, backstroke; Clinton Godac: 2nd, (2nd heat) freestyle; Jacob Cluff: 2nd, (2nd heat), breaststroke; Willie Conlin: 3rd, backstroke.
  • 7-8 girls: 25 yards
    Jordan Boll: 1st, butterfly; Taylor Gravill: 1st, (second heat) butterfly and freestyle; Marlee Melchizedek: 1st (second heat) breaststroke; Jaycee Boll: 1st, (second heat) backstroke; Sara DeWitt: 1st (3rd heat) backstroke and freestyle; Heather White: 2nd, (3rd heat) breaststroke and freestyle; Kyla Carey: 2nd, (3rd heat) butterfly; Mia Melchizedek: 3rd, (3rd heat) butterfly and freestyle.
  • 7-8 boys: 25 yards
    Cody York: 1st, butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle; Joe Conlin: 2nd, butterfly and backstroke; Nicolas Creighton: 2nd, breaststroke and freestyle; James Behrens: 1st, (2nd heat) breaststroke and freestyle; Joshua Frewin: 1st, (2nd heat) backstroke;Dalton Packer: 1st, (2nd heat) butterfly; Clayton White: 2nd, (2nd heat) freestyle.
  • 9-10 girls: 25 yards
    Jessica Blalock: 1st, breaststroke; Bridget Mendoza: 1st, (2nd heat) butterfly; Victoria Albaracin: 1st, (3rd heat) backstroke; Janae Blalock: 1st, (3rd heat) butterfly and breaststroke; Bre Davis: 1st, (3rd heat) freestyle; Tori Wilbanks: 1st, (3rd heat) breaststroke; Segan Cline: 1st, (4th heat) backstroke; Jo Lynn Mendoza: 1st, (4th heat) breaststroke; Melissa McLaws: 1st, (5th heat) breaststroke and freestyle.
  • 9-10 boys: 25 yards
    Daniel McGee: 1st, backstroke and freestyle; Tanner Golliglee: 1st ,butterfly and breaststroke; Chris Bilyk: 1st, (2nd heat) butterfly and breaststroke; Chris Carroll: 1st, (2nd heat) freestyle; Jared Sanders: 1st, (2nd heat) backstroke.
  • 11-12 girls: 50 yards
    Shelby Bennett: 1st, butterfly, backstroke and freestyle; Rikki Ray: 1st, breaststroke; Katie Ford: 1st, (2nd heat) butterfly; Stephanie Hilliard: 1st, (2nd heat) breaststroke; Amy Buckner: 1st, (2nd heat) backstroke; Tianna Golliglee: 1st, (2nd heat) freestyle; Brianna Quinlan: 1st, (3rd heat) breaststroke; Sine Scott: 1st, (3rd heat) butterfly; Autumn Staszak: 1st, (3rd heat) freestyle.
  • 13-14 girls: 50 yards
    Brooke Bennett: 1st, butterfly, backstroke and breaststroke; Rachel Ray: 1st, freestyle; Shea Hatch: 1st, (2nd heat) backstroke; Shay McGee: 2nd, (2nd heat) backstroke; Malori Heppler: 3rd, breaststroke.
  • 13-14 boys: 50 yards
    Ryan Carey: 1st, breaststroke and freestyle; Brandon Boll: 1st, butterfly.
  • 15-18 girls: 50 yards
    Mindy Dorris: 3rd, breaststroke; Kaiti Simmons: 4th, backstroke and freestyle.
  • 15-18 boys: 50 yards
    Marc Bennett: 2nd, freestyle; Tyler Bennett: 2nd, butterfly; Reed Hatch: 1st, (2nd heat) breaststroke and freestyle; Justin Cline: 1st, (2nd heat) butterfly.

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