Where Did These People Learn To Drive?


At about 2 p.m. my wife and I were driving south on the Beeline near the Payson Eye Care Center when the sound of fire engines could be heard coming from the south. The engine was in the left turn lane. I, and all the vehicles behind me slowed to the right. There was one exception. A white car with two young ladies in the front seat drifted left into the left turn lane right in front of the fire engine. Fortunately the fear of 'Big Red' bearing down on them forced them to stop with just enough room for the engine to get by.

Less than 20 minutes later we were heading north on the Beeline when another fire engine heading north was moving down through the left turn lane. I and other north bound vehicles moved to the right and stopped. There was one exception; a driver entered the left turn lane at the Bonita light right in front of the oncoming fire truck, forcing it to go around and into the southbound lane.

About three minutes later, a woman leaving the Bank One parking lot was observed by my wife to be backing over a young boy's bicycle. My wife did not see the boy until about 30 seconds later. He was standing, rubbing his left wrist for a moment. It is unknown if the boy ran into the car or the woman, whose front end of the car was partly in the right northbound lane, was trying to back up so traffic could again flow easily. We were three cars behind and the driver of the first car left her vehicle to give assistance. The car in front of us and, ourselves, moved over to the left lane. As we passed the incident, my wife and I looked to see if the boy was OK. He appeared to be so and we continued on to the Wells Fargo Bank. A town police car was just arriving. At the bank, I remained in my car and heard and observed a police car heading west on Highway 260. I also heard and observed another police car heading south on the Beeline. I heard more sirens. We left the bank and went to the Beeline behind McDonald's to head north on Beeline. As I looked left to observe traffic, I saw three police cars, three red fire cars, traffic stopped and a fire engine returning from the north, pulling over to the incident at Bank One.

My thoughts were:"Where did these people learn to drive."

Dave Engleman

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