P-S School To Add Full-, Part-Time Teachers


The Pine School Board, which will consider adopting a $1.64 million budget Tuesday, is planning to add a full-time teacher and a part-time teacher to the Pine-Strawberry School staff next year, bringing the school's total number of teachers, including the principal, to 17.5.

"We figured out our staffing needs first and then took care of the rest of our budgeting priorities," Pine School Business Manager Mary Jo Licavoli said.

The board has tentatively budgeted $1.44 million for salaries and benefits, Licavoli said. This year's budget is up $53,000 from the 1998-99 budget of $1.58 million.

The board increased the district's budget at the recommendation of the state, Licavoli said. If state revenues exceed projections, she said, the State Legislature has promised to give school districts more money. If revenues fall short, that money -- $53,000 in Pine's case -- will be withheld.

Either way, local taxes will likely remain the same, she said.

The district will pay $470,800 on its last remaining bond obligation, which is scheduled to be paid off in 2004, and will buy a new bus for $84,000 under a three-year lease-purchase plan, bringing the number of buses in the district's fleet to seven.

The Pine School Board will discuss the budget during a public hearing at 4 p.m. Tuesday, in the meeting room at Pine-Strawberry School.

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