Residents Don't Need Expansion Of Airport


Why are the residents of Payson allowing the Town Council to go through with this airport expansion?

One of the reasons that people move to Payson is to get away from the noise and pollution. When the small planes fly over your house they are so low that the noise is the same as a much larger commercial aircraft flying at a higher altitude. You can't hear your TV or you have to stop your conversation, whether it's on the phone or with someone in the same room.

The revenue produced by this airport expansion will not cover the running of this quiet little town. The industries that support the airport are not necessarily clean industries.

I challenge the retirees, the local native residents and the developers to stop this airport expansion. It is a waste of our tax dollars that could be spent on attracting clean industries to Payson with much higher salaries. The money saved from the airport expansion could be used to improve our roads, for water development and for activities for our children to keep them out of trouble.

I estimate that there are 30 or 40 planes parked at the airport. The rest of the planes are people that just fly in here to eat at the restaurant, then fly out. If anyone is interested in starting a petition to stop this expansion or start a recall election to remove any council person who voted for this expansion, please e-mail me at

Anthony A.Cork

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