P&Z Ok With New Eastside Subdivision


The Payson Planning and Zoning Commission decided Monday to recommend a zoning change from R1-175 to R1-44-PAD for 144 residential units on 144 acres which would connect to the Chaparral Pines development. Current zoning is for approximately 36 four-acre lots.

The proposed development at Chaparral Lakes, located east of Tyler Parkway, includes 88 residential lots and a future cluster of 56 residences, and is contingent upon the developer finding water. The request received some negative comment in the public hearing.

According to a report from Town Zoning Administrator Rudy Frost, wells have been drilled on the site and are currently being tested.

The proposed development includes two entrances, one from North Tyler Parkway, and one connecting to North Grapevine Drive, a private roadway in the Chaparral Pines Development.

Town staff found that there are concerns with the development meeting water and other infrastructure requirements. They also state that the proposed subdivision offers no housing options to the town's low and medium income residents.

But, because the request conforms with the Payson Land Use Plan and the town's development standards, staff recommended that the commission approve the zone change request. They found that the proposed development is compatible with the topography and surrounding property uses.

The Payson Town Council will have a public hearing and will make the final decision on the rezoning request.

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