A Few Minutes Toward A Healthy Future


Ten minutes.
That's what you are being asked to donate to help improve health services in Northern Gila County.

You'll need a pencil or a pen, and you'll need page 5A of today's edition of the Roundup -- just over there to the right.

By taking the time to complete this survey for the Mogollon Health Alliance, you will provide valuable information that can make your life better. Your thoughtful answers could mean better training for emergency personnel at your local fire department, or seminars and clinics that literally could save your life. They could mean new services such as a roving mobile clinic to serve the Rim country.

The Mogollon Health Alliance is a non-profit Rim country organization dedicated to improving the health and well-being of local residents. The alliance provides tens of thousands of dollars a year in funds and services toward this end -- by providing scholarships for local medical students, by supporting local fire departments, by sponsoring seminars and workshops on health-related issues, and by organizing special services such as the Volunteen program to help patients at Payson Regional Medical Center -- among other activities.

Like any good service organization, MHA is seeking to make sure its efforts are serving real needs. That's why your answers to the "What do you need?" survey are important.

The MHA board of directors will use the survey results to determine how to distribute the considerable amount of funds that the organization raises each year, and how to best use the many, many hours of service that MHA volunteers devote to the Rim country.

But they need something from you. Ten minutes. It's not too much to ask.

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