Appropriate Airport Support Is Good


Letter-writer Anthony A. Cork, July 9, was correct in asking why Payson residents are allowing the town fathers to improve the Payson airport. His reason for opposing the expansion was incorrect. It is not noise, but money.

The majority of the thousands of dollars that would go into the airport expansion would come from the federal government. The balance will come from the Payson residents. It would all be our tax dollars. Town fathers, spend it wisely. Stop the pipe dreams.

A town worker told me that the taxi strip had to be moved and enlarged to "allow all those corporation airplanes to taxi safely to the terminal." My silent thoughts were, "What corporation?" Indeed, what corporation today flies old post World War II C-15's with wingspans a city block wide? If corporations have company aircraft today, they are light, twin-engine or small corporate jets with swept-back wings.

Last week, a councilman told me that the FAA required them to move the taxiway. I would accept that reasoning if it is true.

Additional "T" hangers? Good idea, if they are priced reasonably and used.

Automatic weather briefing? Go for it.
A small visitor waiting room or "terminal" would be a good addition. Don't go overboard.

The present restaurant is great just the way it is. There is no need to build a new one.

Let's face reality. Payson will never need an airport with a control tower. It will never have 737-400 passenger jets as a commuter service, nor will it ever have need for a commuter service. It had one a few years ago and it did not work out. For commuter service to work, it must have all seats occupied.

Payson really does not need an instrument approach system. The amount of instrument weather in Payson is nice. Payson is a fair-weather community. The handful of instrument landings needed could be directed to the Valley, which is less than a two-hour drive back to Payson.

Most pilots that come to Payson are fair-weather pilots. As far back as I can remember, airports like Payson are great weekend "breakfast flight" destinations where groups of flyers land, chow down and talk "hangar talk." Mostly fish stories.

Leave it that way.
Mr. Cork, flight, while fully understood, is still a miracle. If the slapping the air by the propeller pulling it through the air makes noise, so be it.

I still love the sight and the sound of that miracle.

Dave Engleman

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