Concern Over Raccoons Is Encouraging


So many have contacted me about the mother raccoon and her six babies that I wrote about in a past letter -- caring and offering advice to help save the remaining little ones. The outlook is very depressing.

Here's the update.
The mother and now two of her babies died due to poisoning -- we believe. Two more of the babies have drowned -- one in a small pond and the other in a rain barrel. That leaves two.

Only one comes around every night in search of food. We presume the other is dead some place. The little fellow eats whatever is put out for him, sharing with one old skunk that appears every now and then.

He looks so lonely and clumsy climbing our trees -- playing alone in water. He's afraid of everything -- disappearing if approached. The odds are greatly against his making it, with dogs, hunters, cars, poison bait and loss of environment, but we hope he does. He will need to be very smart and very, very lucky.

But there's still people who care and that's encouraging.

C.B. Freeman

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