Town Has Some Real Good Guys


Recently, when shopping at Wal-Mart, I put my purchases in the car trunk. But I inadvertently left my small purse in the shopping cart on the parking lot.

On arriving home I reached for my purse and found it missing. It contained the usual money, driver's license, credit cards, glasses, etc.

Immediately I drove back to Wal-Mart to check to see if it had been turned in, and found no account of it. They kindly called the Payson Police Department to report the missing purse.

To calm myself as I drove home, I began thinking of Bible verses that man is honest and unselfed, and that it would be found.

Upon reaching home my hubbie reported the police department had just called and stated the purse had been turned in to them.

I drove over to pick it up, and when the officer handed it to me I was thrilled to find it was "intact." He stated they did not leave a name, and that he was just "doing his job" and could not take a reward.

As I drove home I thanked God that there are honest people in Payson. And for our capable police officers.

Irma N. Dohrn

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