Some Things More Needed Than A Tax Cut


In response to the letter to the editor that said the GOP needs to overcome fears in the Friday, July 16 Payson Roundup. I'd like to make the following observations:

Before attempting a serious tax reduction, let's fix Social Security, Medicare and pay for the military. We have to go beyond the Beltway experts. America's elders, disabled, and military represent all of us.

Proposals to raise the age of eligibility are senseless and cruel. Privatization of Social Security would be something Wall Street loves. As Mr. Bob Ball (AARP bulletin, July-August 1999) says, if workers are given the option of diverting some or all of their payroll taxes into their own private investment accounts, which is the core of most privatization proposals, this would take money out of the Social Security Trust Fund and make it almost impossible to support current retirees.

As far as medical savings accounts are concerned, this will pay healthy seniors a cash windfall every year.

I am in agreement toward an overhaul of the income tax system -- a national sales tax on all purchases could be the answer. As far as lobbyists are concerned, the Supreme Court ruled "One man, one vote." This ruling is being broken all the time. A lobbyist does not represent an individual -- you guessed it -- but a commercial interest.

Bob Jacobs

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