Airport Complainers Have Limited Vision


Well, it looks like the NIMBYs are alive and well in Payson. In reference to a letter to the editor in Payson Roundup's July 9 edition by the johnny-come-lately, buy or build in the landing path of the airport and then complain about it types such as A.A. Cork:

When was the airport built there? The 1940s I believe. When was everything else built around the airport? Much later, I think.

As far as the revenue produced by the airport expansion program -- the firm that wants to build a new facility up there will certainly add to the income of the local, been-here-awhile folks. They will then spend the increased monies at the been-here-awhile businesses, and with the ridiculous 8 percent city tax, there will be increased revenue for the city.

Maybe in the past, Mr. Cork could live on $5 per hour at whichever job he held. Incidentally, how clean was that job? Five to six bucks an hour seems to be the going rate in Payson, whether you're flipping burgers or building houses.

I cannot live on that wage, therefore I commute to the Valley on a daily basis, just to make a decent living. If the new electronics firm that wants to build at the airport does build, my resume will be at their doorstep post-haste. They do plan to pay much better than the norm of five bucks an hour. Much better! And this fact alone has most of the local employers worried!

Mr. Cork urges his fellow retirees to rally against any form of development in the area because they are retired. Well, I'm glad you were able to retire and live comfortably. My question is, why don't you want anyone else to have your same luxury?

As for aircraft noise: Maybe you should have investigated a little further before moving into the flight path.

Kinda reminds me of the folks who move at the end of the runway at Luke AFB, then complain. My answer to their complaints: Fighter jet noise, the sound of freedom.

Dave Cleland Sr.

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