Twins Awaiting Call-Back From Wrigley


Payson twins Summer and Heather Schneider are still anxiously awaiting a phone call that could dramatically change their lives.

The call, when it comes, will be from the BBDQ Advertising Agency in Chicago which has been assigned the task of finding the perfect set of identical twins for an upcoming Doublemint gum television commercial.

In June, the agency showed a strong interest in the Schneiders by beckoning them to Los Angeles for tryout. Earlier, the Payson pair had participated in a first casting call held at Planet Hollywood in Beverly Hills.

When BBDQ called the second time it was on one-day's notice, and the twins couldn't make the trip because of prior commitments.

The agency was to call back and set up another date, but that summons has yet to come.

The twins' father, Ken, says he's been told why the project has been put on hold.

"They (the agency) want the director (of the commercial) to be there to help with the selection (of the twins) and he is out of the country," he said.

BBDQ could not give the Schneiders a definite date for the upcoming casting call but said the girls were still in the running to be the Doublemint twins.

"The girls are just waiting," their father said.

The initial casting call the girls participated in attracted about 300 sets of twins to a circus-like atmosphere.

On hand were TV stations representing ABC, NBC. CBS, Fox and the foreign press from France and Germany.

Both Heather and Summer were taken aback by the loads of attention directed toward them.

"Cameras were on us constantly -- it was like a big show and tell," Heather said.

Summer and Heather were originally told the ultimate winner of the twins derby would be announced this summer and the commercial filmed before the end of the year.

Ken Schneider said that has now changed as the advertising agency awaits the commercial director's return.

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