Monster Trucks In Payson Saturday


The ground will rumble at Payson Rodeo Grounds Saturday night when the Monster Truck Challenge Tour takes the arena. The challenge begins at 8 p.m.

"First, the trucks come out in freestyle," said Joe Maderazzo, media representative for International Promotions Inc. "They come out and put on a little show, jumpin' jumps, crushin' cars, that kind of thing."

After the opening procession, the trucks come back out for races, lined up side-by-side for individual heats.

Another celebrated challenger is the McGruff crime truck. McGruff just made it into the Guinness Book of World Records as the highest-flying monster truck in the world.

Vorian --an average-looking monster jet car --will also make an appearance in the arena. The monster menace will encourage the audience to chant its name, and as the screams reach a fevered pitch, the car will slowly transform into a two-story talking robot.

Toward the end of the two-hour show, local adrenaline junkies will participate in a roll-over contest. Using their own vehicles-- equipped with a roll bar --the crazy drivers will hit a ramp, roll their vehicles and try to capture the audience's approval. Top prize of the audience-judged competition is $300.

Admission to the Monster Truck Challenge is $11.50 in advance for adults, and $8.50 for children. At the door, admission is $2 more. Tickets are available at Safeway in Payson, or you can charge by phone by calling 1 (888) RACE-1999.

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