Pine Taxpayers Pay For Their Own Library


With regard to the article by Carolyn Wall in the Friday, July 23 issue, titled "Council plans trip to Globe over library cuts," I must take exception to the following paragraph:

"The remainder of the tax revenues from Payson, $123,995, will go to fund three outlying libraries: Pine at $59,100; Young at $37,800; and San Carlos at $22,500, leaving a balance of $4,595."

Pine Library's county funds do not come from Payson or any other incorporated area in particular. As with all homeowners in Gila County, Pine residents pay taxes. Although there is no specific breakdown for a particular unincorporated area, I am sure that we generate a significant amount of taxes here in Pine.

I cannot speak for Young or San Carlos, but I can say with reasonable certainty that Payson is not responsible for funding their libraries either.

The Gila County Library District consists of eight libraries and one district office. We all try to work together as a group to give the patrons of Gila County the very best service possible. Unfortunately, with misinformation and speculation, the only ones who will really suffer are all those people who love to read and who want to be sure that the children in Gila County have an opportunity to do the same.

Please help us keep our libraries alive and well. Learn the facts about what is happening and if you support the library system, voice your opinions to your county supervisors.

Linda Craft

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