Ken Pratt A Kind And Caring Man


I would like to express my deep sadness over the death of Kenneth Pratt. I would also like to share what Ken meant to me, and I'm certain I speak for many in the community.

I met Ken when he came into my place of business with a bag full of candy to welcome us to the neighborhood. Shortly thereafter, he became a favored client. I would look forward to seeing him walk through the door, either for a haircut, or just to say hello and give us, as Ken would say, "sweets for the sweet." At Easter, Ken brought to me a gift for my son, a gift I will treasure, and that will hold him dear to my heart forever.

I couldn't get over how this man, being blind, with no family close to him, could get out every day and walk all over town, spreading kindness and caring for all who were fortunate enough to know him. I believe that he has touched the hearts of so many people in our community.

Although he seemed alone and had not spoken with his family in years, I sincerely hope that he knew how much we enjoyed, even looked forward to seeing him those few times every week.

I will miss Ken Pratt. I will mourn the loss for our community of Kenneth Pratt and I believe that he is in a happier place.

Rest in peace, sweet Ken.
With love from,
Jamie Brown and everyone at the Ponderosa Shopping Center


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