There'll Be Plenty Of Ways To Pray In School


I've been waiting to see if you get any response to your Editorial of May 21, 1999: "Allow prayer back in school". I hope I'm present to watch the return of prayer. It could be an eye-opener to the diversity of world cultures.

Some students may be seated at their desks, quietly, with folded hands and a bowed head. Others with waving hands, held high, would call out "Hallelujah" as they swayed in rhythm. They might disturb those quietly counting beads.

There should be a place to light the candles on the Menorah. And a place to twirl the Buddhist prayer wheel so as not to disturb those kneeling on their prayer rugs facing Mecca. Maybe a place outside, with no wind or people traffic, should be provided for those that want to "paint" a prayer with colored sand on the ground. Or those that want to offer corn pollen to the four major directions. The sweat lodge would obviously have to be outside.I suppose the group that has legal access to peyote could use the faculty lounge.How typical to think that there is only one form of prayer.

Max Partch

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