Car Wash, Bbq Sends Wrestlers To Nationals


A group of about 10 young wrestlers who were silver and gold medalists at the recently completed Grand Canyon Games are hoping to participate in the 1999 AAU Grand National Greco-Roman and Freestyle Tournament, June 28 to July 5 in Billings, Mont.

But they are facing the same problem so many of your young athletes do -- lack of money.

In an effort to help the youths realize their dream, a force of moms and dads -- led by Duke Wilbanks -- has organized a benefit car wash and bake sale. The event will be held 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Saturday, at Bud's Plumbing, 606 W. Main Street.

The cost of the car wash is whatever amount the patron wishes to contribute to the fund raising effort.

Also, there will be a barbecue going on in which hot dogs, hamburgers and possibly green chili burros will be sold.

In order to compete in the Grand National tournament, the youngsters must have qualified at regional tournaments held last spring. The qualifiers have been practicing on almost a daily basis since school let out for the summer.

Many of the young athletes are also currently attending the Joe Romero camp, taking place in Wilson Dome.

The boys have put forth a lot of effort, and now friends, led by Wilbanks, are working to see that they have the financial resource to participate.

Stop by Bud's Saturday and have the truck washed while gobbling down a delicious hot dog. It's all for a great cause.

More bears
In today's sports edition we have a most disturbing story in which a local wildlife manager had to slay a wild yearling bear, all because of the carelessness of campers over the Memorial Day weekend.

Let's hope that kind of situation doesn't face local game officers again.

In addition to properly bagging and placing trash in bear-proof containers, local campers should take care with other items.

After preparing a meal, be sure to clean up the area. Keep in mind that food smells on clothes and can become a wildlife attractant, especially for animals like bears that have a keen sense of smell.

Toiletries, such as soap and deodorant, can also smell like food to animals and therefore become wildlife attractants. Be sure to wash up after meals; this is especially necessary for children if they eat sweets, such as roasted marshmallows.

Go fish
Don't forget that this is National Fishing week and Saturday has been designated free fishing day to celebrate the occasion.

Saturday, anyone can fish without a license at public waters in the state except on Indian reservations, unless those tribes have specifically adopted a free fishing day of their own.

Game officials say the day represents a once-a-year opportunity for people to get out and experience the joys of fishing.

Registration for the town-sponsored men's and women's softball league began Monday and will continue until Friday at the Parks and Recreation Department, 1000 W. Country Club Drive at Green Valley Park. The entry fee is $275 which includes ASA registration.

Call Beth Kreider at 474-5242, ext. 272 for more information.

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