Council Should Protect, Serve And Hire More Officers


I was very surprised to learn that the response time for a city police officer is more than eight minutes -- more than twice the time to get a fire engine with crew and equipment. It seems as though it may be time for the Town Council (members) to wipe the arena dust from their eyes and look at this sad situation.

I read in the paper that one of the council members thought this time was "adequate." I can't understand a response like that. We aren't talking about a garbage pickup here.

As to the hours the officers work, it's also a very sad state of affairs. We live across the street from one of the officers, so I'm very familiar with the hours at which they come and go. It's a crying shame, the hours they work. Sometimes they are called out when it seems they haven't been home very long.

We want our officers to be top-notch. How can this be expected after a long stretch without a day off and some rest? Their wives and families also have a need for a more normal life.

There always seems to be money for arena-related goodies, so let's dig up some to hire more officers.

Bill Underwood

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