Pauley Swings A Win At Points Tournament


Payson Men's Golf Association member John Calderwood says there is good reason to host points tournaments like the June 9 outing.

"At least with this kind of scoring," he said, "one very bad hole doesn't kill you, it's just a zero."

In the points format, a bogie is worth one point, par's two, birdie's four and eagle's eight. Scores over bogie go scoreless.

In A flight results, John Pauley carded 57 points and walked away with the crown.

Trailing were Skip Herring (49), Jack Greenshield (47) and Frank Szakal (43).

In flight B, Tony Mularski piled up 55 points to take top honors over Keith Boxberger (52), Chuck Walker (46), and Jim Jones (46).

John Peel, with 59 points, was the C flight crown holder. Herb Sherman (53) finished as runner-up, edging bronze medalist (48) and fourth-place finisher Jack Gibbs (48). In D flight, James Furmisky was the top point producer on the day with 64 points.

Calderwood took second with 49 and Jack Chaplain third, racking up 47. In fourth place, Steve Piller accumulated 44 points.

In the closest-to-the-pin competition, a rare tie occurred on hole five when Ron Harte and Greg Williams both finished 3 feet, 10 inches away.

Harvey Baker pocketed prize money on the other three holes, finishing 5 feet, 11 inches away on hole eight, within 2 feet, 8 inches on hole 14 and within 8 feet, 3 inches on 17.

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