Better To Clean Campsites Than Shoot Bears


My heart felt very sad when I read the June 8 edition of the Roundup!

I'm truly confused as to why the bear was killed! Why doesn't the Forest Service (take the blame, so to speak) put the bear where it should be?

If people leave their trash at campsites, why not cite them and make them pay a very stiff fine? So (innocent bears) are not subject to death penalties as a result of "lazy sign-reading humans" that have no respect for wildlife and Mother Earth.

It seems to me that the cost of hiring a few more personnel at peak times of the year (to keep track of troubled areas) would cost less and be far better than a bear attacking a human and being killed as a result of humans invading his home!

This bear was just trying to survive in his home territory that had been invaded by humans, and lost his life!

I am a human lover as well as an animal lover, but humans definitely have an advantage over animals -- we also need to know and respect this when we are temporarily visiting the animals' domain.

Very sad and confused,
JoAnn Perez-York
Tonto Basin

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