Will It Take A Tragedy To Slow Speeders?


What does it take to slow people down in Pine and Strawberry? Most of our speed limits are 25 to 35, yet many people go well over that. We almost expect that from the weekenders, but not from our own.

Recently, our dear friends lost one of their dogs to a speeder in Pine. He got out accidentally, but his death was no accident. He was on the side of the road and my friend saw a speeding truck coming down the road. She stood and waved her arms frantically for him to stop or slow down. He did neither. He ran over her dog in front of her eyes.

Then, he stopped his truck and got out. She asked him, "How could you see me and not stop or slow down; you killed my baby!" His response? "Don't blame me for your dog's death, there's a leash law up here."

There's also a law against speeding. And whatever happened to common decency? People from the Valley come up here every weekend and let their children and pets run wild. They think they're safe. They're wrong. Is it going to take a child being killed before people pay attention? What's it going to take?

If we can't afford another officer, what about more speed limit signs or speed bumps? It's terrible to see how many business trucks speed through our town. They should know better. Really, what's it going to take?

Doc and Bobbe George

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