Rural Reps Did Good Job On School Funding


Congratulations to Sen. Jack Brown, Rep. Debra Brimhall and Rep. Jake Flake on exceptional service to citizens of the legislative District 4. Thanks to the efforts of our elected officials, the intent of the school equity court case has finally been implemented in at least one case.

Through successful passage of the "Brown" Amendment to House Bill No. 2286 this past session, several school districts, such as the Superior schools, will realize an additional several million dollars. This is due to the legislation mandating the State Facilities Board to pay for 100 percent of new construction, effective July 8, 1998, when the Students First law was passed to implement the 1994 Supreme Court decision to equalize educational opportunities for students no matter where they resided.

The main outcome of the above efforts of Sen. Jack Brown, Rep. Debra Brimhall and Rep. Jake Flake is lower taxes for the poor, rural school districts. Thanks to our elected officials in the State Legislature who overwhelmingly supported this initiative.

Richard J. Krempasky
Superior Unified School District

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