Town Should Not Pirate Water From Diamond Point


Residents of Diamond Point Shadows area are very concerned, and protest the issuance of permits to sink wells on Lion Springs for water for the Town of Payson.

The Diamond Point area has been developed for many years. Property owners each have their own well for domestic use, drilled at their personal expense. Drawing water from Lion Springs will seriously compromise the water table that supplies our private wells.

In addition, ADOT will have wells just east of Lion Springs to supply water for the 260 highway improvement. We understand their plan is to turn these wells over to the Town of Payson when the highway project is complete. This, too, will have a major impact on our water table.

Payson must find other solutions for water problems being created by unbridled development. Robbing water from long-time county residents is simply unacceptable.

Concerned citizens of the Diamond Point area should immediately contact their government representatives to stop this pirating of water.

Marian Auckly
Diamond Point Shadows

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