Boaters Got Shorted At Roosevelt Lake


I wish to make a complaint about the lack of docking facilities at Roosevelt Lake. On the 26th of May, my wife and I went down to the Cholla Bay launch area to put our sailboat in the water. The dock near the ramp was up on shore where nobody can use it.

Our boat has a weighted keel that extends down into the water, which prevents us from beaching the boat, and my wife is unable to handle the boat alone.

After launching the boat, we have to anchor out and I have to swim in to park the trailer, then swim back out and raise the anchor. When we wish to go home, we do it again in reverse. It's not so bad when the water is warm, but often the water is cold.

I understand that more than $12 million of taxpayers' money has been spent improving the facilities at Roosevelt Lake. And we now have to pay a fee to maintain these facilities. Fine! Just how about some docks? There should be a dock at each of the ramps.

It looks like most of the money has been spent for campsites, paved driveways, parking areas, and the visitor center showplace.

Early Sunday, June 6, I went down to the lake to see how many campsites were in use. At Cholla recreation area, I found 13 sites in use out of 206. This represents a usage of 6.3 percent. At the Windy Hill recreation area, I counted 27 sites occupied out of 347 -- a usage of 7.8 percent.

Checking the ramps at Windy Hill, I found that there are four ramps, two unusable and only one had a dock. Surprisingly, this ramp (Badger, I believe) has a dirt parking area while all the other ramps and all of the campsites were paved. And not so surprising, on this day, this ramp had the highest usage. Could it be because there was a usable dock?

There are a total of eight ramps at the lake, not counting an old one that appears only when the lake is very low. [There is] only one ramp with a usable dock, only three ramps [are] usable and of these, two of them were there before the $12 million was spent on improvements.

Please, please, let's have more attention focused on the boat-launching facilities.

George Burton

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