Jobs Were Lost To Save The Owls


Katy Whitehouse's June 22 story "Out with the owls," while replete with facts about the owls, the Tonto forest and the U.S. Forest Service, didn't mention the "people cost."

In the 10 years while the EPA, the Forest Service, Judge Muechse, Robin Silver and the Southwest Council for Biodiversity, etc. have been trying to determine the degree of endangerment to the spotted owl, according to People for U.S.A., at least 4,000 people have lost their jobs in Forest Service District III (Arizona and New Mexico), including over 100 people here in Payson. Many of the present residents of Payson have moved here since Kaibab [Sawmill] closed, and many don't realize that we had a productive industry here, once upon a time.

Also, with most of the media attention being focused on the birds, the beasts, the fish and the plants, many urban people have no idea of the human cost of following great portions of our public property for indefinite periods of time.

I think it is the obligation of the media to be sure that the uninformed always realize that ideas (good or bad) have consequences.

Dan Adams

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