Pikes Hold Their Own At Grand Canyon Games


A pair of Payson Pikes swim team members, who are also sisters, left little doubt Rim country swimmers can compete with the best metropolitan Phoenix has to offer at the June 20 Grand Canyon Games.

At the Arizona State University Olympic Pool in Tempe, Brooke, 14, and Shelby Bennett, 12, swam their way to a bevy of medals.

Brooke earned gold medals in the 100-yard freestyle, 100-yard backstroke and 200-yard individuals medley. In the 100-yard breaststroke, she picked up a silver medal.

Also participating in four events, Shelby took silver in the 50-yard freestyle and bronze in the 50-yard backstroke. While she didn't medal in the butterfly and individual medleys, she was among the top six finishers in both.

As veteran members of the Pikes, both Brooke and Shelby are currently serving as junior coaches helping the youngest of team members master the strokes necessary for competition.

The team practices each morning at Taylor from 6:30 to 8:45 a.m.

The Pikes debutted June 19 at Taylor pool in an intersquad meet.

The results of that meet are:
• 6 & under girls -- 112.5 yards: Hannah Eaton, first place in butterfly, backstroke and freestyle; Sarah Cluff, second in butterfly and backstroke; Jordan Hunt-Katelnikoff, first in breaststroke.

  • 6 & under boys-12.5 yards: Jacob Cluff, fourth in breaststroke; Willie Conlin, third in freestyle; Clinton Godac, first in backstroke; Andre Staszak, first in butterfly, breaststroke and freestyle.
  • 7-8 girls -- 25 yards: Jaycee Boll, first in breaststroke; Jordan Boll, second in butterfly, backstroke and breaststroke; Sara DeWitt, first in backstroke (2nd heat); Taylor Gravill, first in backstroke and freestyle; Rachel Henderson, second in backstroke and freestyle (2nd heat); Marlee Melchizedek, first in freestyle (2nd heat)
  • 7-8 boys -- 25 yards: James Behrens, first in butterfly (2nd heat); Joe Conlin, first in butterfly; Nicolas Creighton, first in backstroke and freestyle (2nd heat); Joshua Frewin, second in backstroke (2nd heat); Michael Ives, second in freestyle (2nd heat); Ben Sandoval, first in breaststroke (2nd heat); Cody York, first in backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle.
  • 9-10 girls -- 25 yards: Bre Davis, second in butterfly and backstroke; Kaiah Eaton, first in backstroke and freestyle (2nd heat); Caitlin Fruth, first in breaststroke; Melissa McLaws, first in butterfly and backstroke; Bridget Mendoza, first in freestyle; Jo Lynn Mendoza, first in breaststroke; Tori Wilbanks, first in butterfly and breaststroke (2nd heat).
  • 9-10 boys -- 25 yards: Chris Bilyk, first in freestyle (2nd heat) tie; Noah Cardinael, first in butterfly; Trevor Day, first in breaststroke (2nd heat); Tanner Golliglee, first in breaststroke; Daniel McGee, first in backstroke and freestyle; Michael Winterholler, first in freestyle (2nd heat) tie.
  • 11-12 girls -- 50 yards: Tianna Golliglee, first in butterfly (2nd heat); Ashley Hamilton, first in breaststroke (2nd heat); Monique Heppler, first in freestyle (2nd heat); Stephanie Hilliard, first in freestyle; Kaycee Pugel, first in breaststroke; Rebekah Sandoval, first in butterfly; Autumn Staszak, first in backstroke.
  • 11-12 boys -- 50 yards: Heath Burlando, second in butterfly; Michael Dorris, first in butterfly and backstroke; Kyle Pugel, first in breaststroke and freestyle; Jonathan Simmons, second in backstroke.
  • 13-14 girls -- 50 yards: Malori Heppler, first in backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle; Shay McGee, first in butterfly; Priscilla Stiner, second in backstroke; Cecelia Tucker, second in butterfly.
  • 13-14 boys -- 50 yards: Brandon Boll, first in backstroke; Ryan Carey, first in butterfly and breaststroke; Shellan Padilla, second in backstroke.
  • 15-18 girls -- 50 yards: Megan Disbrow, first in backstroke and breaststroke; Mindy Dorris, first in freestyle; Kati Simmons, first in butterfly.
  • 15-18 boys -- 50 yards: Justin Cline, first in butterfly and freestyle; Tanner Hatch, second in backstroke; Dustin Sack, first in backstroke and breaststroke.

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